Gruppo Sigma - Energia e Sviluppo

Principles and motivation have inspired us for over 50 years

There are entrepreneurs who, according to their well-established family tradition, choose to “remain small” by persevering in the so-called niche productions. On the other hand, there are other entrepreneurs who, with respect to their consolidated and peaceful family tradition, decide to diversify both to seize the opportunities offered by an emerging sector and to be able to realize their professional skills in a more complete way.



We produce energy from renewable sources and we study and develop projects for photovoltaic parks, wind farms and EPC contractor all over the Europe.


We growth cereals in Puglia and Basilicata, and we cultivate and transform Sativa Cannabis, doing researches in agronomic and food fields.


We design, build and renovate for civil, private and public clients.


We make inerts of different sizes - more than 150 - and we are licensed to get excavation grounds into quarry.

& Analysis

& Development

& Management

We follow each phase, to expand your business.

Eng. Angelo Sciretta was inspired by these principles

Protagonist of the foundation of the “SIGMA Group”, operating at 360° in the sector of the production of electricity from renewable sources of the wind, photovoltaic, biomass, hydroelectric and biomethane. In addition to other collateral activities.

Always in development

In fact, in addition to the two family companies, GECAR and MEDEA (the latter subsequently extinct), operating for over half a century in the sectors of the extraction of alluvial material, the crushing of aggregates and constructions, Eng. Angelo Sciretta had created – in a very short time and assisted by his partners Francesco Paolo Spagone and Franco Tartaglia – the following companies with limited liability: TEKNO SIGMA – SIGMA ENERGY – SIGMA ENGINEERING – SIMEC. Besides, the reference shareholders of the Sigma Group have set up agricultural companies such as AGRI SIGMA and SAGI.

Green Economy


We are proceeding with the planting of the first olive trees of the super-intensive olive grove owned by Sagi SRL, which is slowly taking shape. The production waste of our exceptional extra virgin olive oil will be destined for the nascent Biomethane plant which will be actively in operation very soon.
The virtuous circle of energy produced from natural and renewable sources starts here.


At the same time as the planting of the olive trees, we concluded the project of a water storage tank that will be used to irrigate the olive trees, which will be the engine of our Biomethane plant, especially in the first delicate years.
This was a sideline to an ambitious and circular design scenario. Each piece will serve to move the energy supply chain in a closed, ecological and inexhaustible circuit.


Our ambitious project started by Bel Agri SRL of a Biomethane Plant with a power of 500sm3 / h is almost completed. One of the first in Southern Italy.
We took care of everything, from the study to the design, from the management of the authorization process to the environmental impact study. Soon it will finally be operational.

We point to the future, looking for new challenges to grow together.

Our latest works

Discover the latest projects and the most recent works we have done. View the details of each project and its photo gallery.

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